Holy Spirit Night

Holy Spirit Night
January, 2013

At Holy Spirit Night we practice wholeness together

Practice.    Wholeness.   Together.

Once a week we set aside a time and a place and a form in which we open the doors to joy. Joy is shared. Joy is alive. Joy is here. Joy is now. Together, we give joy a hearing. Together, we live what we hear.  The “assignment” we practice each time we gather is simply to see if we are willing to agree that this right now is a time for wholeness.  This right now  is a time and place and form and event that is set aside for co-creative full communion of Human, Nature, Spirit, and Beyond.

All are welcome. You are welcome.

“The Holy Spirit” is a name for an active principle that becomes a pathway. The voice we call the Holy Spirit welcomes all life, embraces all life, and points all life toward joy. The Holy Spirit is reliable. We trust Spirit. We trust Spirit to guide towards communication, creation, communion, and community. These are fruits of the pathway; fruits of the garden.  To the Holy Spirit, wholeness is simply wholeness; all of life is all a blessing; joy is always available; and only joy is truly shared.

Our time together is of no religion and of all religion. Many who have welcomed Spirit and have followed Spirit have returned to tell the story. When we sing the songs and tell the tales of those who have danced with God, our own spirit rises. By raising the spirit, we tune ourselves together like an orchestra or like an instrument.

We have help. We have help from Beyond. We have help from Spirit. We have help from Nature. We have help from each other. We cultivate the willingness and the wisdom to ask for help and to ask for help in how we do the asking!

When you come, participate. Bring your challenges. Bring your courage. Bring the grace that is just now dawning into your awareness; and bring the grace you are longing for with all your heart. Above all, bring your will: bring your deepest willingness and your deepest immovability, which perhaps at the deepest level are one and the same.  The in-tune approach is to show up willing to ask for help; willing to listen with new ears; and willing to speak what you hear.  You may be silent or you may speak. Either way you are a full participant. You belong.

To bring your whole life is to bring your real life. Your real life is necessary and sufficient. Your real life is not an ending point but is an exact right place to start. To follow the trail of your real life is to make of your life a psalm and a prayer and a garden and a blessing, for you and for all.

There are no answers. There is a path to find and follow.

What we find, when we gather in this way, is that something new opens.  We welcome it and follow it. We enter the new door together. There is new intimacy, new trust, new clarity, new certainty. Not the certainty of answers to believe but the certainty of being whole together in the right place at the right time. We continually discover that certainty and mystery and joy and wholeness are each a trail; that all these trails are one; and that all these trails are gentle. Certainty and Mystery are One.

What are the essential parameters of Holy Spirit Night? What makes it a safe space to bring your real life and to get to work?

  1. We make clear the help we are asking.
  2. By inviting co-creative full communion of Human, Nature, Spirit, and Beyond, we establish an exceptional level of clarity and alignment.
  3. We practice the fine art of knowing when to stop.

Words of wisdom come from any corner. We practice speaking whatever we hear that seems to be coming from spirit. What comes from spirit tends to be accurate, timely, helpful, and local. We practice not going beyond the point of wisdom.

The true test of such an arrangement is the quality of the fruit in the lives of those who attend. We observe a rooting and a flowering and a ripening and a harvest of lively peace, discerning trust, care-filled creation, and intimate willingness to love and be loved.